Gold sideways cross necklace


I love my cross necklace for many reasons . I love the way it looks , but there are many other reasons that I love too. My boyfriend has two cross necklaces for men, and when he bought one for myself almost melted . I told him when I met him on the way my grandmother had one when I was a kid and I liked to put it. Whenever I look at my Gold sideways cross necklace reminds me of my grandmother who died a few years ago , it gives me a sense of peace every time I see or feel based on my neck.

Gold sideways cross necklace meaningMy friend gave me the necklace after I told him I admired that my grandmother owned . He completely surprised me because it was not my birthday or any other occasion you wait for a gift, that’s what I like about him the way he is so unpredictable . We were just driving to the grocery store and hand in his pocket and asked, ” Hey, this is not your grandmother used to have a Gold sideways cross necklace like this ” At first, I ‘ was really confused because I had no idea what he was talking about , but when I noticed the smile on his face clued me in. I have a story about my grandmother said a few years ago and it was his way to surprise me .

gold sideways cross necklace for womenI loved my grandmother when I was a kid and one of the things that has always reminded me of her was a diamond cross necklace . When I saw someone wearing cross pendants , or when my boyfriend and I had spent a jewelry store and I saw one, I would always make a comment about it. Now that I have my cross necklace does not have to be jealous of other people who are , or wish that I had what I had seen in a jewelry store. The type of Gold sideways cross necklace that I wanted was out of my price range, and that’s why he was so sweet my boyfriend to save money and buy for me. These sweet little gestures are the things that keep relationships alive, and I can tell you that it really helps me to see the man who is sweet. That’s what I like about him , all you men out there , you should take a lesson from my boyfriend and get your girlfriends or wives surprise gifts .

gold sideways cross necklace with diamonds