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Modern solitaire diamond rings has become commonplace for engagement rings. If you want something vintage and more interesting, you can try to choose the gold vintage engagement rings for your engagement ring choice. This ring is influenced by the Art Nouveau style of the period in the range of 1895-1915.Vintage rings or Art Nouveau jewellery features natural designs such as flowers and butterflies and were generally considered “romantic”. Art Nouveau was a style popular from roughly 1895 until World War I. The movement actually began around 1875 in Paris and its influence went throughout the Western world. The movement eventually died out by the end of World War I, but has since continued to be revived throughout the contemporary ages. Art Nouveau jewellery follows curves and naturalistic designs, especially depicting long-haired, sensual women sometimes turning into birdlike or flowerlike forms.Art Nouveau vintage jewellery is still a source of inspiration and popular among many collectors in particular the ones with a pedigree such as the work of Rene Jules Lalique and Louis Comfort Tiffany.

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The ¬†First gold vintage engagement rings that we want to describe here is Marcella Vintage diamond Engagement ring. The Marcella Vintage Diamond Engagement Ring stuns in 14k two tone gold. This unique beauty, crafted in the 1900’s, features an Old Mine Cut diamond, approximately .06ct, with color J and clarity VS2. The stone is set within two white gold hexagons, giving a modern, geometric feel to this classic vintage ring. The hexagonal setting sits atop a beautiful yellow gold cage of filigree, and shoulders with engraved patterns, creating a look that is elegant and architectural. This exquisite ring is a masterpiece of design and is a piece to be cherished. This is a one-of-a-kind vintage ring, handpicked for its exquisite craftsmanship, superior condition, and vintage timelessness.

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Another gold vintage engagement rings that we want to describe is Bernadette Vintage Diamond Engagement Ring. Bernadette Vintage Diamond Engagement Ring has a unique beauty that is truly enchanting. One European Cut diamond, approximately .30 ct, sits atop the hexagonal setting. Created around 1935 in platinum, this ring features intricate filigree designs. This exquisite ring is a masterpiece of design and is a piece to be treasured.

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