Green bubble necklace


Green bubble necklace is something that you really have to wear carefully if you really want to create a stunning appearance while wearing it around your neck. If you want to make it simple, you can just pay attention to the type of outfit that you want to wear together with the necklace. For instance the necklace can make you look exceptional and have a kind of fashion statement when you wear it together with hi-lo dress with bright print. A suggestion that you can follow here is to make sure that there is at least a shade of green on the dress in order to still make it matches the color of the necklace well.

emerald green bubble necklaceGreen bubble necklace can also go well together with any monochrome outfit. The main reason is because the necklace can really be the center of attention if this kind of outfit is the one that you choose to be worn together with the necklace as the main accessory. Of course, the meaning of monochrome here is not only limited in black and also white color because it can be any color. The sure thing is that monochrome outfit only has one color and that is why the necklace can really be so visible on it. Since the main thing in this suggestion is about how to make the necklace the center of attention, it seems to be great if you do not choose monochromic green outfit since the color will simply crashing with the color of the necklace.

Dark Green bubble necklaceThe last but not least example that you have to know about ways that you can choose to wear green bubble necklace in relation to the type of outfit to wear is wearing the necklace on black color outfit. The outfit itself can be anything. It can be the black blouse that you wear when you are working. It can also be some black formal dress that you wear when you are about to attend some special events or parties. Any black color outfit will always go well with black outfit since it will really bring out the green color of the necklace.

kelly green bubble necklace

lime green bubble necklace