Green lantern ring: unique inspiration for men jewelry


Jewelry inspiration is a thing that can be obtained from a lot of things that exist in this world. For example, there is men jewelry inspiration that is obtained from an accessory seen in a superhero movie, which is green lantern ring. You may think that this ring may look a bit geeky and is only suitable to be worn by those who are fanatic about this superhero movie. Although it is so, you have to know that this ring is in fact a quite inspirational one because of the unique design that it has.

green lantern ring tattooThe design of green lantern ring that is used as the real prop of the movie is something that can be applied in real jewelry that can really be worn by men. Because of the special feature that is the symbol of Green Lantern, the best design to be applied in the jewelry is the one which head shape is circular with a rather thick ring shank. Usually, this special feature is made in the same material with the material used in the ring set. It means that this feature is also made from precious metal material.

green lantern ring setIf being asked about the decoration of the green lantern ring, there are actually some answers that can be given to you based on the variations of design available for the ring right now. The first one is the design in which no other material but the precious metal used to create the ring. This design is known as the simplest design for the ring and the type of precious metal that can be used in this design is various in colors from white to the yellow one. Other than this one, there is also a design in which a green precious stone, such as emerald or any other precious stones and gems in green color, is used to decorate the center of the Green Lantern symbol. Sometimes, instead of using precious stone, the area near the symbol is decorated with a kind of plate which color is green, which is of course a perfect color that matches the theme of Green Lantern.

green lantern ring wallpaper