Guess watches for women


Guess . Launched in 1981 by the Marciano brothers, who moved to California from Morocco , Guess ? quickly gained a reputation for innovative and iconic brand . Guess Jean developed the first “signed” . They gained rapidly in popularity and soon they were beloved for their stylish and creative denim. In 1984 , Guess soon followed lines for men and women , with the creation of its watches. In 1990 Guess expanded its activities to cover the world and began to have problems with the law and with their image, as they were charged with failure to pay minimum wage or additional to hours. Although its reputation was damaged in the United States , there were other more lucrative markets abroad.

guess watches for women blackIn the current decade , Guess watches for women he changed his campaigns to be more lively and appealing to a younger hipper market. Recently , Guess began a new line of more expensive and more luxurious products, even if the other lines are still very popular .

guess watches for women 2013Guess watches for women have been around for almost 25 years , and continue to be the most bold and flashy as the brand remains controversial respected where they belong. Even if they are made of semiconductor materials – stainless steel and precious , their prices are low enough luxury watches and selection for men and women is much larger and more varied. Guess watches for women range from $ 100 to $

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150. Guess watches are popular because they combine the look and design a great brand with the convenience and quality. Well guess this is not as elegant as Gucci, but it collects from its coveted watches.

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