Halo engagement rings for special gift


The halo engagement rings are popular option for women who have an eye for new fashion yet stay away from anything too trendy. Desire a traditional round or princess with a little hint of vintage? The halo engagement rings style is a much-sought after choice by brides to be who crave a look that’s been favored by rock stars and red carpet royalty in recent years. This look, thanks to a “halo” of micropave diamonds that surround the center diamond, offers an understated bling that you won’t find in a classic solitaire. Whether you select a cushion, asscher, princess or round center diamond, the halo of diamonds puts an exclamation mark on the symbol of your love. A halo engagement ring is the perfect option if you want a unique vintage look. The halo of micro-pave diamonds or other stones surround the center stone, visually expanding the appearance of the ring and making the center stone look as much as a half-carat larger.

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The second band is a round brilliant cut green-blue genuine sapphire is set in the halo engagement rings in a new durable silver/palladium alloy. The halo is textured by hand to give it a wood grain like appearance. The ring was be carved out of wax, cast in silver/palladium and finished in my studio in Los Angeles. The ocean colored fair trade genuine sapphire is hand set and the ring has a mirror polished finish. This ring looks very classic and simple but still impressive with a green sapphire stone that is in the middle of the ring.

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The last of halo engagement rings is the canary yellow ring. This is the perfect and conflict-free alternative to a mined diamond. That means you never have to worry about whether human life was sacrificed to make your ring. The stones are internally flawless, fancy canary yellow and ideal cuts, so it’s the perfect ring. It has a beautiful, intense sparkle that will definitely grab attention when you wear it. These stones are flawless and hold the same beauty and radiance that are desired in a perfect natural diamond. This ring is very unique because that yellow gemstone and very beautiful. This model is perfect for those who want to look stunning and be the center of attention. It’s a great gift for yourself or for that special woman.

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