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Learn how to make earrings fashion circle .Simple instructions for beautiful pearl beads and crystal earrings , two earrings, small earrings , big earrings that look great, Hello kitty earrings are basically a wire circle with a small loop on one side and a small hook at the other end that when connected circle shapes . They are worn with a piercing in the earlobe down and are one of the simplest and most ancient styles of earrings that show the production of jewelry in advance. It earring making it difficult? No. .. The steps are simple .

With some instructions and your pearls of materials for the manufacture of jewelry , you can easily create your own beaded earrings handmade .

Rocaille Earrings: Created with son hoop earring , head pins , beads, bugle and spinners . Rock is the name given to small round beads donut glass beads used in jewelry and are the most common type of cable used. You can use any size of seed bead projects for better results will be obtained by using the right size and type of cable specified in the instructions of your pearls . Bicones are larger in the middle and tapered at the ends faceted and often made of crystal, glass, plastic, resin , wood and other materials. Bugle beads are made in a similar way to sow pearls. The glass rods are cut to a variety of lengths of 2-30 mm . The most common formats are 4mm , 6mm, 9 mm and 15 mm

Hello kitty earrings goldBeautiful Hello kitty earrings and ring : Let the magic of crystal are inspired to create beautiful Swarovski crystal beads handmade jewelry . If you are a new love affair with crystal beading begin by creating a simple pair of earrings pink crystal . Swarovski crystals are considered exceptional in the world in terms of quality and precision. Over the years, pearls have always been a favorite and now with fresh water, which became available a false culture and the cost is quite reasonable. They come in shades of cream traditional metallic colors very bold . Make Hello kitty earrings hot pink that are glamorous and only takes a few minutes to do , adding the beads could not be easier.

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