Honeysuckle double ring


The Honeysuckle double ring is inspired by the patterns of the Japanese Kimonos. Kimono is a traditional Japanese Garment and it means a “thing to wear”.  Today, the Kimono are most often worn by women mainly on special occasions.  This design has become famous worldwide and has a unique style to the women wearing it. It has a mystique look, and can be worn at social events as well.




This Double Ring fits snugly and comfortably around your finger and it has a hinge at the finger joint, for better movement. The size can be reset and is adjustable to your liking. The material used to make this beautiful jewelry is sterling silver and it is Hallmarked. At the present moment, the only color available is Silver.  The material used is quite easy to make and is pleasing to the eye.

Double Ring

The best feature about this ring is it covers the whole part of your finger. It has a hinge so you can bend your finger and it does not take away from the beauty of the design.  This could be a perfect holiday gift for your loved one and it comes in a great gift package. The Honeysuckle is also a tree, and the design is also inspired from the Tree.

double ring finger