Horizontal cross necklace


In the context of Christian development , most people are aware that when you wear a Horizontal cross necklace he brings with him a wide range of religious connotations. However, many people also choose to non -devotees with this iconic symbol around their necks . Despite the theological nuances, celebrity David Beckham to Elton John are often spotted sporting diamond cross pendants . In fact, the reality is that , regardless of our culture can easily recognize this emblem , silver and gold crosses are not always received with great respect .

Horizontal cross necklace silverIt is widely accepted that , after circles, Horizontal cross necklace are one of the first forms that children of all cultures attracted , perhaps because the image has been assimilated by their life experiences , but more probably due to the simplicity of FIG . This can be corroborated by the fact that since the Stone Age , primitive man , the signs on the walls of caves , including many cross-shaped incisions , which shows the symbol pre – dated Christianity. Used in many ancient cultures, European examples of the symbol can also be found on Celtic coins

Before the association was made with Christ, the cross was thought to represent , among other things, an asterism is located in the south polar constellation Carine , which consisted of four bright stars in a cross formation . The pagan Romans using the cross as a symbol of the Babylonian sun god , and depicted on coins dating from 100 BC , while the head of Julius Caesar was engraved on the back. An alternative version is that the symbol is supposed to represent the seasons and nature, such as former Temple Mount is located in Newgrange, projected by the winter and summer solstices shadows form a perfect cross.

horizontal cross necklace goldWhen the 4th century , the crucifixion as a method of execution was abolished , Horizontal cross necklace began to emerge as representations of Christ’s sacrifice . Before that, they had hidden incisions of the cross and gravestones found in the catacombs , but any open connection was rejected because the sign evokes feelings of fear and cruelty. The term cross was actually introduced in the English language in the 10th century , in particular to represent the tool used to crucify Jesus , formerly known as “Rood ” and comes from the ” heart ” in Latin . The word has evolved over time so that now it can also be used only to represent the geometry.

horizontal cross necklace white gold