Hot pink wedding bands inspired by world’s celebrities diamond rings


At this point of time, it is not that hard for you to find inspirations for hot pink wedding bands that you may this to be perfect for your own wedding day that is about to be hold in the near future. As you may already know, the prettiness of pink diamond is the one that also makes a lot of female celebrities falling in love. Of course, the rings that belong to them are perfect sources of inspirations when you are about to custom order your own wedding ring.

hot pink wedding bands SapphireThe first inspiration about hot pink wedding bands can be obtained from Jennifer Lopez who is known to one a hot pink engagement ring given by her ex-fiancé back then in the year of 2002. Even the love is no longer last right now the beauty of her ring is something that is quite hard to forget. The pink theme is the one that does not come from the setting of this ring. Instead, it is something that that is seen from the totally stunning pink diamond that is used to adorn the ring. This diamond is 6.1 carat diamond that is cut in radiant cut style. The pink diamond looks so hot in this ring because it is so contrast to the color of ring setting and side stones.

hot pink wedding bands interiorIf you want the center stone of your wedding ring to be surrounded by smaller stones, of course Lopez’s is not the right choice of inspiration of hot pink wedding bands that you should check out. In this case, you should check out the pink sapphire engagement ring of Nicole Richie. It cannot be denied that this ring is so awesome if seen from design point of view. The color of pink stone used to decorate the center of this ring is so hot. It looks even hotter and clearer because small size white diamonds used to surround it. It is too bad that the beauty of the relationship does not last long just like the beauty of this ring that actually becomes such an inspiration for a lot of people now.

hot pink wedding bands set