How to make hemp bracelets with braid and bead style


In the progress of knowing about how to make hemp bracelets, you may wonder about which type of hemp bracelet that you better choose as the main material of your jewelry DIY project. If that is so, you may try to create a hemp bracelet with braid and bead style. In this bracelet, there are quite a lot of good points that can be found. For example, this bracelet looks simply stunning because of the combination of braid pattern and also beads that are inserted in it. Other than that, the bracelet can look better because you can choose any beads as you like, including also the one that looks elegant and glamorous.

how to make hemp bracelets WholesaleNow that the style is already decided, it is the time for you to know about how to make hemp bracelets. Creating this kind of bracelet is actually so easy. First of all, you have to prepare all materials needed to create the bracelet. Basically, there are only two materials that you need. The first material is no other else but the hemp strings and the other one is beads that will be used to decorate the bracelet later. For the beads, if you want the bracelet to look glamorous and elegant you can choose beads with black, gold, or silver color.

how to make hemp bracelets EtsyIn making the bracelet, you just need to make a braid pattern in 1/3 part of the whole length of the bracelet. When you already reach this length, you can still continue braiding but you may not forget to add a bead in in every move so that later all beads will look like these are in one unity with the braid pattern. You can do this until the length reaches another 1/3 part of the bracelet. Finally, you can continue making braid patter just like in the beginning of the process. When this bracelet is finished, the beads will be in the center part of it. Now that you know about how to make hemp bracelets, you can start preparing materials and try creating the bracelet on your own so that you will get another collection of stunning accessories that can always complete your style.

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