Huge diamond ring: kim kardashian engagement ring from kanye west


Talking about recent huge diamond ring of world’s celebrities is always interesting. Do you know which diamond ring that arrest quite a lot of attention right now? It cannot be denied that the engagement ring of Kim Kardashian that is given by Kanye West is the one. This ring has a quite big size of precious rock on it. It is no other else but a diamond which size is measured to be 16.21 carat. Such a huge ring definitely cost quite a lot. Although it is so, of course this ring is so suitable to be given to a lady like her.

huge diamond rings for saleOther than the fact that this huge diamond ring creates such shocking news not only for Kim Kardashian but also for a lot of people in all over the world, there are some more interesting facts that you have to know about this ring. This ring is in fact created by the same designer who created her previous huge engagement ring that was given by Kris Humphries in the year of 2012 by Lorraine Schwartz. Even the designer is the same of course both of the rings are different. This time, she receives a huge ring that is smaller compared to the previous one. For her, it is not really a problem because the most important thing is that she is now engaged to get married to the one that she loves. That is why when he asked her to marry him, the answer that she gave was ‘Yes!”.

The newest huge diamond ring of Kim Kardashian seems to add another inspiration in the category of massive celebrity engagement rings that seems to be a trend that is still in right now. After the first appearance of her ring, it is so possible that it will be included as the best example of best celebrity engagement rings this year. Other than that, it is also possible for the replicas of it to appear here and there. For jewelry stores or makers, this is definitely something that can boost their selling and popularity in this year or the next few years.

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