Infinity circle necklace


Some women are born with not so great desire to wear accessories because they simply feel beautiful even without any rings, necklaces, or even just earrings. If they must wear some accessory, it is so positive that they will choose something so simple, just like the infinity circle necklace. Well, this necklace is in fact a really perfect accessory that all simple women should own. Certainly, the main reason is because of the really simple design this necklace own. The design contains of chain and also a circle charm that looks quite similar to a ring. You may question about the reason why a circle pendant like this is considered as the symbol of infinity while the symbol of infinity you know is the one with 8 number shapes. One thing that you may not know is that circle is actually another symbol of infinity or something never ending. That is why a necklace decorated with circle charm like this is also suitable to be called as the infinity necklace.

infinity circle necklace GoldThe simplicity owns by the infinity circle necklace looks even stronger because of the fact that usually the necklace is made in a rather small size. Of course, it also includes the thin chain and thin charm as the main decoration for the necklace. Sometimes, this small design makes the necklace to be quite invisible especially when the necklace color chosen fits the skin tone perfectly. It means the necklace will not be too prominent also when it is worn. Of course, this makes the necklace to be even perfect for those who never love to wear fancy or even complicated accessories, right?

infinity circle necklace EtsyAlthough the infinity circle necklace looks so simple in design point of view, there is no need to worry about the precious level of it. This necklace can also be a precious jewelry since it often made from precious metal materials. It means the necklace can also be considered as another form of investment if wanted. For the ultimate simplicity, sterling silver material is the perfect choice to choose. For a more classic look, the best material to choose is no other else but yellow gold.

infinity circle necklace silver