Infinity promise ring for him and her


An infinity promise ring is a ring which is used to represent a commitment to many relationships, not only relationship between women and men, but also between people and people, like friendship, between people and their faith, and even can be a reminder for people’s commitment which is really important to them. While it is combined with the infinity ring, I think it will be the most meaningful ring for people who have some commitment in their life. Even though promise ring is only a small, beautiful jewelry piece, it has many meaning for them who wear it and its meaning will not easily be known by other people, because sometimes the meaning is only for their own selves. Meanwhile, infinity ring is a ring with a band featuring diamond or others gemstone which is placed side by side over the ring with a continuous loop. The placement of the stone has a symbolic of an unending, eternal love, and that makes the infinity ring becomes a popular gift choice for them who have significant occasion in their relationship, like celebrating their anniversary, celebrating their child’s birth, or even overcoming remarkable obstacle together.

infinity promise ring silver

An infinity promise ring does not really have some differences with promise ring or infinity ring. I guess the ring is just combined by the style and type to become more gorgeous and beautiful. An infinity ring already has gorgeous looking because of the diamond which is overwhelm the ring’s band, meanwhile a promise ring is only a small, beautiful, and simple ring, but it can represent many meanings. Therefore, an infinity ring, I think, is some kind of ring which is the merger of a promise ring and an infinity ring and has many deep eternal meanings.infinity promise ring gems

Most of women prefer on choosing to replace their wedding ring or their engagement ring with the infinity promise ring to three separate rings. If the ring is too tight and does not really fit your fingers, it would be perfectly fine to wear an infinity promise ring rather than the other significant rings. On taking care an infinity promise ring band’s setting, you should know that it is suitable with an adjacent piece; setting which is incommensurate, like prong, may rub other rings and make some scratches. Just like any other tender ring, an infinity promise ring should be worn off before the wearer does any sport activity, household chores, or any other activity which can cause a high damage and has potential to scratch the ring.

infinity promise ring couple