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Everything shines , all gold . The first time you buy your gold ring, your diamond necklace, bracelet platinum luster. But after this first period of exciting new features , how do you keep Initial necklace gold looking new , even if you get older ? After all, a piece of 14 karat gold jewelry is not so easy to replace once you consume , for example a vacuum bag. Why is it so expensive, and because it is so beautiful, and sometimes delicate , you must take care of your jewelry so attention it may be worth the price paid for a long time after the fact. But how to take care of your jewelry you want? I have some advice .

One of the simplest rules is that perfumes and jewelry, even if they seem to fall roughly the same category , do not go together . Or lacquer and jewelry. They are all embellish, but if you use perfume or hairspray while wearing jewelry, you are likely to end up with a sticky film , and precious stones and organic beads as they can be damaged by alcohol content in these sprays . Another simple rule is to avoid bathing in the beads. Chlorine corrodes the pearl and jewelry disappear.

Chlorine , of course, should never fall range of gold jewelry. Opposes gold and disintegrates weld a ring.

initial necklace gold platedWhat about diamonds? Take these Initial necklace gold before shampooing your hair, clean the floor , hand lotion . Diamonds are very attracted to fat. In fact, in the diamond mines , beds of fat are used on conveyor belts to keep loose diamonds mixed with the powder. Whatever the fat content in the makeup, body lotions , sunscreens , and so on , while adhering to the grease . Also remove diamond jewelry before getting particularly active – diamonds are more sensitive to shocks can break or chip .

initial necklace gold discIt is important to keep your own diamonds. Now , you can often do it by yourself, but you should have also done professionally once a year at least . If you do it yourself , be sure to start with a mild soap , warm water and a soft brush. Or, instead of using soap, you can make your own with a part ammonia and six parts water . Rinse the Initial necklace gold off with ethanol or water tap – and only those. There are some beliefs out there that it is a good idea to use a toothpaste or alcohol. Well, it does not exist . Zero or toothpaste , oil and alcohol becomes contaminated and diamond jewelry , it is melted.

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