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It all started when Alicia and Jim Storbeck left their corporate jobs to start something new. Beth Reeves, a former employee of them, they have launched the company in 2006. They were not just selling accessories. The founders wanted to make a difference, not only in style, but throughout the life of women. It ‘ started when they heard the desire of women who want to earn extra income. Thus, the company aims to help improve the lives of these women have become business consultants.

In addition to helping consultants, co-founders have also called for various causes. One is the partnership they have with lunch, Charlie . Two executives of companies challenged his team to sell 1,137 lunchboxes and tea sponsor Charlie as a team. Other consultants Initial Outfitters can also do this with the teams that build . As you can see , the company is not only to make profit. L ‘ company aims to relieve people from financial hardship and support worthy causes.

The first products Outfitters

initial pendant necklace rose goldThey sell custom Initial pendant necklace and fashion bags , soap, home decor , and more. One of the best selling products of the company is the silver cuff bracelet fruit of the Spirit . It is a chic bracelet that will fit almost any outfit costs $ 24 only. The flowering vine , another favorite company is a chain embellished with ivory flowers and clear. Comes with matching earrings too . Rolo Charm Bracelet is sure to be a goalkeeper, because you can customize with selected charms offered by the company too . They also have a loop Initial pendant necklace and earrings set for only $ 32. It is linked to one of your clothes because the crystals are of different candy colors. Finally , you can have a tropical setting with an oval shell necklace with a necklace of brown rust string of pearls.

Initial compensation plan Outfitters

Initial pendant necklace gold Initial pendant necklace offers one of the best compensation plans in the industry. Financial freedom provides business consultants the opportunity to earn $ 30 to $ 50 per hour , without the stress of working in an office job 8-5. Upfront Outfitters , the consultant is entitled to 30% of the profits from each sale you make .

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