Irish heart crown ring and how to use it to show your relationship status to other

By JewelryIdeas — October 16, 2013

Living in a society in which irish heart crown ring is so common is nice is a way that the ring can in fact be used to show your relationship status and of course people around you will know and understand about it. This relationship status is in fact the one that can be shown by the way you wear the ring around your finger. For example, wearing the ring on your right hand with the position of the heart pointing out has a meaning that you are actually single. It can also mean that you open a chance for people to try getting close to you if they want to because you are ready to give your heart for one of those people that you think to be the most right one. For you to know, the finger should be ring finger for this one.

irish heart crown ring meaningDifferent meaning will be resulted if you wear the irish heart crown ring in a different way. Wearing the ring on the ring finger of your right hand but with the heart facing in has a meaning that your heart is no longer available for anyone to take because you are already dating someone. If seen from love point of view, this meaning is quite romantic because it teaches that there is no need to hide your relationship status if you really love the one that you choose.

irish heart crown ring 2013Other than the previous examples of meanings that can be derived from the way you wear your irish heart crown ring, there are in fact still a lot more meanings and ways to wear the ring available. The sure thing is that each has different meaning. Because of this, you have to think carefully when you are about to wear the ring. Wearing it randomly just because you think that the ring looks good and fancy might lead to a misunderstanding. So, when you own this ring, before wearing it on public, it is so much better for you to get more knowledge about meanings that it can show so that you will be able to know how to wear the ring properly in order to show your real status.

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