Irish Promise Ring: A Symbol of Loyalty in Love Relationship


Irish promise ring is in fact a jewelry that is also known in the name of Claddagh promise ring. This is a ring that has a specific design of hands holding a heart with crown. In Irish and Celtic culture, it is so certain that this is more than just jewelry with a stunning and gorgeous design. Instead, it is something with some very deep meanings inside, including also the meanings that are related to love relationship. One thing that you have to know is that maybe Claddagh ring was not really made to be worn as a promise ring before. Even so, the meaning and symbol that is has inside finally makes it to be an option of promise ring for those who are in love to consider.

irish promise ring for womenIn a relationship in which a man and woman love each other, irish promise ring has a meaning of loyalty. Of course, the loyalty that is meant here is something that is hold up not only by the one who give the rings, who is usually the man, but should also be held up by the one who receive the rings, who is usually the woman. One thing that you have to remember here is that you may not regard the ring as an engagement ring because it is totally different. It is usually given when the relationship is not too early but also not too far like engagement, which is actually a symbol that a couple is engaged to be married.

irish Celtic promise ringIf you are thinking about giving an irish promise ring to the woman that you love the most, you have to know that it is actually a really good option to choose. It is not only about the meaning of loyalty explained before. It is also about the fact that the design of this ring can be made to look fascinating so easy by adding precious stones on the heart shape of the design. The ring would be even better in look if the color of stone you choose for the heat is red, which is no other else but the symbol of passionate love

irish promise ring meaning