Jewelry gifts for girlfriend guide


Finding a gift, especially for someone dear to your heart is a bit on a challenging side. If you have a girlfriend, you know how hard it is to find the perfect gift that she will truly appreciate. You want to see her wear that bright and genuine smile the moment she opened your gift, right? So, how can you really achieve such goal if you don’t know what’s the perfect gift to present to her.

In this case, jewelry gifts for girlfriend will never get you wrong. There’s just an ample of different jewelry collections you can find around, but it may possibly overwhelm you. So, to help you decide, here are some of the best jewelry gifts you can wrap up for your beloved girlfriend.


Wishbone Bracelet


Charm Bracelets.

Charm bracelets could be a great accessory for your girlfriend’s wrists and arms, not to mention that it provides a more feminine look. They are just one of the best jewelry gifts for girlfriend that a man could find. Most of the charm bracelets are made from silver or gold and pieces of precious metal. They are designed in a way that the charms are attached to links for a more chic appearance. It is possible for you to buy a charm bracelets with the charms already attached or you can buy individual charms that you can attach by yourself. What’s fun about getting charm bracelets is that, you can always buy different charms that can be added to the bracelet, not to mention that they will never go out of style.


Gemstone Rings


Gemstone Rings.

Gemstone rings are getting more and more popular these days. As long as gemstones remain popular, this ring style will always be a fashion staple. Investing in the right gemstone cocktail ring is totally worth its cost. Keep in mind, your girlfriend will wear a gemstone ring that she loves about rather than a stone she feels nothing about. Take her birthstone as your guide in order for you to find the right gemstone ring perfect for her.


Diamond Tennis Bracelets


Diamond Tennis Bracelets.

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. That’s true. So, if you’re thinking about jewelry gifts for girlfriend, a diamond tennis bracelet will never get you wrong. Diamonds are timeless pieces and a staple of any luxurious jewelry collection. Not only that, she can wear it with formal wear, while she’s on a date with you, and for other special occasions as well. This could be a piece of jewelry, which you need to invest in. However, seeing her genuinely smile and happy while wearing it is all worth it, right?


Birthstone Colors


Birthstone Pendants.

A birthstone piece is designed to represent the birth-month of your girlfriend. Consulting a birthstone list could help you find which stone suits best to your girlfriend. You may not know this, but she’ll definitely wear this piece of jewelry each and every day.


Promise Rings


Promise Rings.

A promise ring symbolizes a promise, hence the name. It may also symbolize chastity, abstinence, pre-engagement, religious viewpoint or monogamy friendship. If you are beyond prepare to show how committed you are to your girlfriend and simply make your relationship exclusive, a promise ring is one of the best jewelry gifts for girlfriend that you can get. Such rings feature a pretty diamond and gemstone embellishments. It could also be engraved messages about your commitment.


Estate Jewelry.

Estate jewelries are antique or vintage pieces of jewelry from an estate sale. Generally, these pieces are ornate and might have been decorated with exclusive and somewhat unusual gems. If you think your girlfriend appreciates and loves antiques and classic jewelries from the past, this is a jewelry gift you can consider. Estate jewelries are unique and provides a personal attachment to the one wearing it. You can find a lot of rare estate jewelries, but educating yourself prior to making a purchase is a good idea. This way to get what your money’s worth.


Novelty Earrings.

If your girlfriend is quite the unconventional one, novelty type of earrings are beyond perfect for them. Earring studs of various designs such as butterflies, mustache, flip-flips, kittens, dogs, panda bears and all the cute things will work. If your girlfriend just love all the cute things in the world, this is one of those jewelry gifts for girlfriend that they will surely appreciate.


Pearl Necklaces


Pearl Necklaces.

Pearl necklaces are timeless, they never run out of style. They are always elegant, classy and totally flexible as your wardrobe accessories. They are actually one of the best gift choices for women. What’s more, pearls are rare, especially if they are naturally produced. The only thing is that, since cultured pearls are somewhat affordable, their quality are as superior as those natural ones. As a matter of fact, a classic strand of white pearls is an amazing jewelry gift for your girlfriend. However, you can always choose something more unique if your girl just have an unconventional taste. Blue, black and grey pearls are quite modern and the long necklaces made of pearls are also featured in the high-fashion looks this days, which means that she will love it.


Infinity Jewelry.

By now, you might have already noticed that infinity jewelry is practically found everywhere. It actually comes in many different forms, such as bracelets, earrings, pendant for necklaces, rings and more. Such pieces of jewelries could represent your endless compassion and faith to your girlfriend. It is one of those jewelries your girlfriend will surely love, not to mention that they are supremely stylish itself.


Angel Wings Necklace

Angel Wings.

It is a kind of jewelry that features details gold and silver wings, which women will surely find very sweet. You can try looking for earrings, charms and pendants shaped like the angel wings. You can also consider pairing them with heart charms to make it even more special. Angel wings are very cute and many girls like them.


DIY Jewelry.

If everything above does not suit your liking, then how about a ‘Do It Yourself’ (DIY) Jewelry? This will make your girlfriend really feel touched if you spend the time to make it yourself just for her and you will also make her feel special about it. So how do you start? Well you can actually search for a lot of DIY Jewelry projects in Google, many have tutorials that teach you how to make pieces of Jewelry from scratch and most importantly, many are free and you don’t really need much experience to get started. Youtube is also a good site to learn how to make Jewelry, as there are many people that teach you how to make simple Jewelry. The most important step of creating your own Jewelry is to buy the tools and supplies to get the job done. I would recommend Supplies Direct, which is a supplies shop that sells many cheap supplies for this project. For example, you can buy chains, some clasps, jump rings then look for the perfect charm, connect them all together and you have created your own necklace made by you and don’t forget it will be unique too!


You really don’t need to spend that much for a gift. Simple jewelry gifts for girlfriend mentioned above is already enough to show how you appreciate and love your woman. If you end up buying a gift that your girlfriend ends up not liking, don’t feel disappointed because she will understand you and will most likely not mind, as she will know you have the heart and care about her.

If you are still stuck, you can maybe think of a non jewelry item like a perfume, chocolates etc.. If you want us to help you then feel free to let us know your ideas and maybe we can help you.