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Many couples and lovers exchange rings to signify their commitment to each other on the outside, but only few people know where this practice has begun. I know that every couple wearing wedding rings on the second toe of his left hand . There are many years was the ‘ only woman wearing wedding rings . The practice of wearing a Korean couple rings on the second finger on the left side was launched by Greek . They believe that ” Verna armories ” meaning vein of love goes from the heart to the tip of the ring finger .

korean couple rings onlineToday, white gold wedding rings are becoming the new trend. During the 17th century , women were considered the property of which they were the only ones who would have to wear wedding rings. The men began to wear wedding rings during the twentieth century as a result of the failure of the Second World War. Many young men had to go to war and must be separated from their wives for long periods of time and then begin to wear Korean couple rings as a symbol of marriage and a reminder of their wives. After the outbreak of World War 2 the double ring ceremony increased by 60% . During the Korean War , the number has increased by 72%.

The average Roman citizen is known to have found metal band bad enough, while the Egyptian bands are usually heavy metals. In Egypt, the wedding ring is mentioned in the ” hieroglyphics ” of the tomb walls interpreted by archaeologists.

Korean couple rings meaningA Korean couple rings is round, because it symbolizes perfection and infinity Holiness.Its is the perfect symbol of purity and unity. It has no beginning or end. According to the story of a wedding ring is a symbol of the Sun , Earth and Universe.It represents harmony , perfection and we Love.Nowadays an engagement ring is usually a diamond solitaire ring and the other for the marriage which is usually some type of gold ribbon .

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