Lever back earrings


Click and break, Lever back earrings do not lose this pair of earrings. The sleeper adds simple elegance and secure a set of earrings. As the wire rotates around the ear and put in place ensures that you do not drop earrings , not to be found.

The wire -shaped curve “J” has earrings , studs, or a variety of gemstone earrings . The most commonly used material is gold , although plastic and silver plated metals have their market share as well.

lever back earrings for girlsLever back earrings add beauty and style. The wire used adds very little weight to the earring. Gems expensive stones and can be worn with a little ‘ more confidence due to the addition of a secure attachment of the sleeper earring . When used as earrings, which attach easier than traditional wire that is difficult to see and never really know if they are adequately protected . The security of dormant and slamming into the wire to be sure not to miss this pair of earrings or expensive Favorites ears.

Lever back earrings 2014The yarn used to make Lever back earrings and choices of styles, designate price . Casual style, but tasteful , able to work less than ten dollars . When you add pearls or precious stones like ruby, opal and diamonds , its price will go up, depending on the quality and size of the stone. A one carat diamond earring may go as high as four thousand dollars. Combinations of the most expensive gems can also go higher . Whatever your choice , you can be assured that its incredible elegance worth it .

lever back earrings white Gold