Lip ring sizes


Lip ring sizes is considered the easiest and safest way of piercing, because there are no large vessels and complex ganglia our lips.

Monroe Piercing , Medusa Piercing piercings or madonna are the types of lip piercing . A piercing is a monroe left and right is a Madonna . Medusa piercing passes through the center of the upper lip ( directly under the nose ) . As usual, labrets 1.6 mm and 6-10 mm long column will be used for these types of drilling . For faster healing , you must choose the labret with the length of 2-3 mm longer than the thickness of the lip.

lip ring sizes gaugesHowever, there are certain types of non-standard Lip ring sizes : lip vertical hole penetrating the upper and lower lips or on opposite sides of the mouth. For these operations , it is best to choose rings of 10 mm or 12 mm in diameter, or bananabells of 1.6×10 mm or 1.6×12 mm with the same beads.

Worthy of special mention are supposedly piercing smile when the piercing may be visible when you smile. There is a piercing through the brake is the upper or lower lip . For this type of piercing jewelry small 1.2×8 mm or 1.2×10 mm . Lip ring sizes, and mocrobarbells microbananabells are appropriate. It ‘ important to the jewelry does not bother you and do not knock on your teeth .

lip ring sizes chartYou need to choose the length of the jewelry closely. If the length of the jewelry is not sufficient , then it may lead to ” peel more” and ” hollow ” of jewelry , in particular the leaders of labrets . Often , customers want small , imperceptible jewelry in their lip labrets and buy . fields with small heads and beads in the healing process of trying to push the lip jewelry or jewelry on the skin If relying on (caving , which is visible in the morning – . ‘s voting author ) , it is necessary to replace the jewelry with more than one unit or a large head .

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