Male Promise Rings Designs for You to Consider More


Male promise rings are definitely different from the ones designed for women if seen from design point of view. If the rings made for women are usually designed to be cute with the decorations of precious metals and stones, it is so sure that the rings for men are way simpler and tend to look manlier. This way, no man will feel ashamed of wearing the ring that is actually also a form of love promise.

Male promise rings goldIf you are curious enough about the design of male promise rings quite much because you and your girlfriend are in fact thinking about purchasing promise rings, you have to know that there are some best designs that you can choose more, especially for the ring that you are about to wear. The first example of the design is simple white ring with rather wide characteristic. This kind of ring is so manly and is usually made from precious white metal, including gold, platinum, palladium, silver and many others. One thing that you have to remember when choosing this ring is that if you have a plan to engrave some words on the ring, it is so much better for the engraving to be made in the inner side of the ring so that the great and manly outer side of it will not be damaged. The engraving itself can be various, including also the name of your girlfriend.

male promise rings engravedIf you are not really interested in the wide design of male promise rings are told before, there are still some other best designs that you can choose. For example, there is a design in which white metal material is combined with premium quality wooden material that actually add manlier accent in the ring design. Other than this, you can also choose a design of promise ring for men that are made from dark material in order to show off the masculine value the most. The best example of material that can be chosen for this is no other else but black tungsten material, which is no other else but tungsten material that is already coated with high quality black coating.

male promise rings personalized