Marquise diamond engagement ring


At this point of time, marquise diamond engagement ring is the one that is found to be quite popular in so many societies around the globe especially because of the marquise shape diamond on it. This diamond is so special because it looks quite large. Compare to other diamond that is cut in other type of diamond cut in the same carat size, marquise always looks bigger. Of course, this is something that is resulted from the basic shape of marquise diamond which is long, rather wide in the middle, and pointy at each of the edges.

marquise diamond engagement ring goldFor you to know, marquise diamond engagement ring is actually a type of ring that is also interesting if seem from the historical point of view of it. You may not know about it but the ring is in fact known since a very long time ago. The history says that this is the ring that is already known since the 18th century. This is no other else but the reign of Louis XIV, the one who ordered a new diamond cut that became the reason of the invention of marquise diamond. The history is even more interesting because of the fact that actually the name that is applied to the diamond cut actually still has something to do with Louis XIV. It is because the name is taken from the real name of the mistress of his, Marquise de Pompadour. It is not really known about why her name is chosen for the diamond cut but it seems that there was something really special about this lady that her name is given to the diamond cut and now it is not only known among people in all over the world but also already become a part of jewelry history.

marquise diamond engagement ring settingsNow, marquise diamond engagement ring is quite famous among both common people and important people, including celebrities, in all over the world. One example of famous engagement ring that is decorated with marquise diamond is the one belongs to Catherine Zeta Jones. This engagement ring is also special because it is actually also an antique of 1920s.

marquise diamond engagement ring yellow gold

marquise diamond engagement ring Platinum

marquise diamond engagement ring white gold

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