Marquise diamond ring


Marquise diamond ring is not only interesting because of the fact that it is decorated with a very special marquise diamond with its long and narrow physical appearance. This ring is also interesting because of the fact that the diamond shape that is the main decoration of the ring can also be used to figure out the most common characteristics of people who choose the diamond ring. Certainly, since diamond is closer to women, it would be easier to find out about their characteristics instead of men’s. Other than that, this kind of diamond cut for fine jewelry is really chosen more by women instead of men.

marquise diamond ring designsWomen who choose marquise diamond ring usually has a quite great taste about fine jewelry especially the ones that are decorated with diamonds. This can be said to be so because of the fact that this type of diamond cut is the one that has the greatest carat size compared to other diamond cuts. This make the diamond, which is no other else but the main decoration of the ring that we are talking about here to look bigger compared to other diamonds with other types of cut even if actually they are in the same number of carat.

Marquise diamond ring settingOther than the previous explanation about the characteristic of women who choose to purchase and wear marquise diamond ring, there is still one more type of women’s characteristic that can be seen from the choice of this ring that others. The characteristic that is meant here is drama queen. Dramatic is actually a value that can be seen in the design of this ring. It is so reasonable then if women who choose the ring to have the same characteristic or personality also. Usually, they do not really realize about this but the fact is that it is true. For these women, the ring actually also gives a favor because of the design, especially the diamond cut design, that it has. Wearing the ring around their fingers can actually make their fingers to look slender than these actually are. In other words, this kind of ring can be worn without worrying to accidentally expose their rather chubby finger or the feeling of afraid that their fingers will look chubby after wearing the ring.

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