Massive engagement rings: trending items in celebrity life


Massive engagement rings seem to be trending items among celebrities. This is proven by the fact that there are more and more beautiful celebrities that are shown to wear huge engagement rings that are given by their loved ones. In this recent time, someone that seems to arrest a lot of attention because of this kind of ring is Hayden Panettiere, a multi-talented American actress. She was spotted wearing a split shank engagement ring with a rather square huge precious stone, which is obviously diamond. This is the one that is given by Wladimir Klitschko, a known boxer. This is of course a sign that they are now engaged after being known as couple since the year of 2009.

Massive engagement rings 2013Before, Hayden Panettiere, there were some celebrities known to wear such stunningly massive engagement rings. The one that becomes a talk for a quite long time even until now is Beyoncé. The ring that she owns, which is given by Jay-Z her partner, has a really huge 18 carat brilliant diamond. This diamond is placed also on a split shank ring setting. It seems that this kind of ring shank is really suitable to match the huge size of diamond that is always perfect for a special occasion like engagement.

Massive Diamond engagement ringsOne more example of celebrities with massive engagement rings is Paris Hilton’s. The very huge engagement ring that she has is so suitable for her that is long known for her status as a celebrity who is also an heir of huge load of wealth. When you try to look for the images of her engagement ring, you might get surprised because of the really big size of the diamond that adorns the ring. It is known that the size of this diamond is 24 carat. It is placed on a double-channel ring shank that is also adorned with diamonds, even if the size is smaller. All these details make the ring looks stunningly fat and it is so reasonable that the price applied to is amazingly high. For you to know, the price is predicted to be higher than $4.7 million.

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