Mens beaded bracelet for you


There are a lot of mens beaded bracelet in the market. For example is Sandalwood , ebony, wood, 3 bracelet set, with genuine amazonite gemstone guru bead. <Sandalwood> Sandalwood encompasses and enhances both the spiritual and physical well-being of men and women. It is thought that sandalwood guides away the distractions of the mind back to the sensual joy. Sandalwood has one of the highest vibrations of any oil that resonates with aspects of ourselves, attracting the highest spiritual vibrations, opening the highest spiritual centres and aligning the chakras to enhance spiritual awareness and allowing healing energies to flow. <ebony is said to give strength to the wearer> Amazonite is associated with the Heart and Throat Chakras. <Amazonite> Dispels negative energy and improves confidence, leadership and communication. It is a useful stone to wear or carry if you have to face a challenging situation, have a difficult question to ask or have to speak in public. It can also be an aid to seeing both sides of a problem and in analyzing and sorting out information.

Mens Beaded Bracelet design

Beautiful piece, with 108 beads, the second mens beaded bracelet on our list is this prayer ebony malachite bracelet. Made with ebony prayer beads from Tibetan rosaries and Genuine Malachite gemstones on the 7th bead of each side and as a guru bead, finished with a beautiful handmade Tibetan pendant of Shiva. It will wrap as a bracelet (it’s made with elastic material), and doubles as a mid length necklace. Malachite is a stone of transformation and balance, assisting in ones spiritual journey. It is capable of stimulating ones intuition and insight whilst assisting in recognizing and clearing past negative influences and experiences. One of the metaphysical uses of this stone is to gain insight into any emotional factors that may be manifesting as physical.

Mens Beaded Bracelet India

The last on our list is mens beaded bracelet set designed with Bayong wood, Salwag seed, Batikan seed, carved bone, and etched agate strung onto sturdy modern professional stretch cord. Wear layered, mix, and match with other bracelets in the shop. Will stretch to fit sizes 7.5” to 8.5”

Mens Beaded Bracelet malacite