Mens claddagh ring


Often we look for a ring that best describes your personality, which symbolize our emotions and the message we want to send to someone we love. There are several types of rings to be considered as gems also called stones , metal strips to hold the stone or stones , ring settings and styles. Have you ever thought of the Mens claddagh ring to represent your love to your wife ?

Did you know that the Claddagh ring jewelry is the most culturally ever recorded in history? The word Claddagh comes from a small fishing village in Ireland, where it was created. This type of ring has a deeper meaning and considered legendary rings . It is described as two hands clasping a heart in the center and a crown above the heart . This is what it looks like. The meaning depends on how it is worn as a ring in his hand.

mens claddagh ring gold Mens claddagh ring are so word to the left with the crown pointing away from the heart of the user, this means that the ‘ user is engaged . If the rings are worn on the finger of the left hand to the body , it means that the user is already married because his heart was captured . When worn on the right hand with the crown pointing away from the heart , it means that the person or the user is ready to consider love. If one is worn on the right hand with the crown pointing towards the heart, the person or ‘ user is not interested in creating a relationship of friendship or love .

mens claddagh ring bandThese rings are very popular for engagement rings or wedding for men and women. It ‘ available in different styles and selections . All gemstones is desirable to be the center stone of the heart for a Mens claddagh ring as turquoise, agate, ruby , emerald, topaz , diamonds . Onyx stones , celtic, yellow and white gold , silver, platinum and titanium for men.

Mens claddagh ring silver