Mens copper bracelet as alternative of fashion jewelry for men


If women has rose gold as one of the most favorite jewelry materials, copper is one of the most favorite material for jewelry among men. This precious metal is also the one that is used in the production of mens copper bracelet. It is so reasonable then if there are quite a lot of men in all over the world who prefer to wear this bracelet as the daily accessory instead of others.

mens copper bracelet with magnetsThere are some reasons that make mens copper bracelet to be the favorite among men. The first reason is of course because of the natural characteristic of copper that makes the bracelet to have a rather different color between yellow and also red. At a glance, this material may look quite similar to rose gold material. Even so, usually rose gold color is more reddish than copper. Other than the color, this bracelet is also special because of the fact that copper is a quite sturdy and durable material. That is why purchasing a bracelet made from copper material is included in the form investment. It can be said to be so because purchasing a bracelet only will be enough for more than a year or even a lifetime. It may be the reason why men with a very simple taste of accessory also have a really special interest to this bracelet.

mens copper bracelet etsyIf seen from design point of view, mens copper bracelet is available in a very lot of options of design. Here, let us talk about the design that is quite popular at this point of time. The design is no other else but Celtic design, especially Celtic knot design. This design is usually applied in the form of pattern that is engraved on the outer surface of the bracelet. In order to make the bracelet design to look manlier, black color coating is usually added on the base part between each engraved pattern. The combination of natural color of copper and also this black color, as well as the engraved patterns on it makes the bracelet a really good alternative of fashion accessories for men to own.

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