Mens gold rings with garnet Gems


Men certainly also need to be different in the use of accessories, especially rings. So I will discuss a bit about mens gold rings with garnet  gems.  The first  one  is natural garnet oval gypsy eye ring. Rich blood red bold oval gypsy eye style Ring set with 4ct Garnet – Pyrope features 8-prong scalloped gem head. So what does Garnet jewelry symbolize? Garnet jewelry symbolizes eternal love, protection, strength and mental healing. Apart from being connected mental healing powers. Garnet jewelry is also vastly known for its physical healing powers and strong effect over the chakras.

Mens gold ring with blue gems

It is said that with garnet jewelry you get protected and guided when overcome with great passion. People who work on creative aspects will find this Garnet jewelry very useful as this stone is said to provide inspiration and new creativity along with illumination and lots of energy that is positive. The garnet stone also can be attached on a mens gold rings for masculine look. People can look to Jewelry made of garnet for all kinds of physical healing and mental peace. When it comes to physical healing there are a lot of things that are said about garnet, many of which are true. In olden days a lot of people would use Garnet jewelry as a stone to heal people who had been bitten by poisonous snakes. The stone’s positive energy was said to bring out all the venom injected in the person who was bitten. Garnet jewelry is said to be the stone for the month of January.

Mens gold ring with green gems

Another description about mens gold rings with garnet  gems is blood toxins, wastes in the intestines, venom’s of all kinds are not encouraged in one’s body when jewelry made of garnet is used. Known excessively for its healing powers on the 1st chakra, Garnet jewelry has various healing aspects to it that one cannot even believe that are associated with it. Garnets are more beneficial than one can imagine. Here are some of the common stories have been taken from various cultures to show you the importance of Garnet jewelry through ages.

Mens gold ring with natural gems