Mens gold wedding bands


Mens gold wedding bands is still the most popular wedding bands for men of choice. Pure gold is a deep yellow, soft, very malleable and is of 24 carats. The only things to consider when buying a wedding ring are the gold carat and gold color or the combination of gold colors available.

Typical men ‘s wedding bands contain 9ct , 14ct and 18ct gold . The higher the percentage of gold used indicates the value and the cost of the metal. All these mentioned carat wedding rings are hard and durable metals and are suitable for everyday use.

In today’s market , gold is available in a wide range of different colors. However, the most popular is still yellow gold, followed by white gold and rose gold. Other gold colors such as bronze , peach, red and lime gold are also sometimes available . Each gold color contains the same proportion of pure gold, so all the gold colors having the same carat will have the same Vickers score . White gold is usually more expensive than yellow gold and rose gold.

Mens gold wedding bands size 14When buying Mens gold wedding bands , men should consider the performance of metals ‘ , in daily use and the difference in price and color . Studies show that a 18-carat ring holds up to everyday wear compared to a 9-carat and 14 carat gold. In addition, 18 carat golden age better than 9ct and 14ct and so looks better with daily use . For example, 18-karat gold is the premium metal for men’s wedding rings provided that the ring is not a lightweight construction even though it is more expensive than 14 carat and 9 carat .

mens gold wedding bands on saleOne of the main advantages of a Mens gold wedding bands is a simple gold wedding ring can normally be resized in the future by a local jeweler . However, a gold ring with ribbed edges , a wave or woven pattern or engraving might be a bit ‘ more difficult to resize without affecting the ring pattern .

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