Mens signet rings


Mens signet rings, also known as seal rings are rings that have small seals or stamps. This type of ring usually wears a coat of arms , created by etching. ‘S attack can be made ??of metal , precious stones, or any type of material .

Wear signet is said to have started in European countries, as a sign of noble status people . However, other cultures, like the Egyptians, have seals as part of their history. The ancient Egyptians wore cylindrical seals hanging from their neck or arms . These seals served as a sign of authority. Egyptian women also have the habit of wearing several signet rings on one finger .

mens signet rings goldRoman costumes included also wear signet . Each ring was different materials , depending on the social status of the person. While the people , civil or military has the right to wear signet rings of gold, those who belong to the masses could wear iron signet . Changes in Roman culture paved the way for the slaves to be allowed to wear Mens signet rings of iron, freed men with silver seal , and free-born citizens with those of gold.

mens signet rings Antique Mens signet rings are now usually worn on the little finger. Some cultures choose to focus on the little finger of his left hand , while others are on the right. There are others, however, who choose to wear on the ring finger . The position of the ring, or on or not , indicates the marital status of the person in some countries.

Mens signet rings white gold