Mens silver rings


Do you remember when all the jewelery your dad had was his wedding ring, golden seal of his father, perhaps a gold watch and gold chain with a cross or a medal? And most likely he inherited from grandpa , for he would not go to a jewelry store to buy gold . Well, I also had a pair of cufflinks that grandma got him for a birthday, but he rarely used. He would never have even considered wearing a gold bracelet, after all, bracelets are for women. In those days when a man would wear Mens silver rings , he was considered effeminate or marginal , someone should stay away from distrust . Well, things have changed, is not it?

mens silver rings for saleTen years ago, many young people have suddenly started to pierce their ears and wear rings . As they grew up, some used gold earrings for special occasions , but not to go to work . Gold bracelets and Mens silver rings are becoming more common among men . A new trend of jewelry for men only started to develop and is now a booming market . Men love jewelry ! This is not an exclusively female domain anymore.

As the global recession deepens , the price of gold has gone up and wages are not as reliable jewelry men turned to less noble metals with great success. Sterling silver , titanium, zirconium , these metallic looking colors seem to match their masculinity. After all, a ring of titanium sounds hard core and silver looks very solid .

Sterling silver is 92.5 % pure silver and 7.5% copper alloy , gold, platinum , nickel, etc. to make money more durable.

Mens silver rings with stonesmens silver rings designsThere are many Mens silver rings online where you can find affordable rings men silver for your man . You will appreciate everything that comes to you, as he knows that you have good taste and who you are as an economy and a responsible woman

Mens silver rings with stones

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