Mens titanium sapphire ring with best design to choose


Being asked about which type of precious accessory to be chosen by men, mens titanium sapphire ring is a good option that should really be chosen. The perfect combination between white color of titanium and also the natural blue color of sapphire is the very first reason that makes the ring a very good choice for men who are looking for precious accessories to choose. Other than this one, the ring is also something that at this point of time comes with a lot designs that make the ring even more fascinating as men’s accessory.

mens titanium sapphire ring BlueFrom so many designs that are applied to mens titanium sapphire ring, the first one that is great enough to choose is the one that is adorned with big oval sapphire. Oval cut sapphire, which is placed both horizontally or vertically, may look like something that is rather feminine if it stands alone. That is why as men accessory, the round sapphire should be combined with the right choice of ring setting. In this case, the type of ring setting that is most suitable to choose is the one with a rather big and thick shank instead of the thin one. The thickness should not always be even because there is some ring setting that is quite big on the upper shank in which the precious stone is placed and it gets smaller to the bottom of the shank.

mens titanium sapphire ring 2013If oval sapphire shape is not really suitable, there is one more shape that may be best to be considered as another best design of mens titanium sapphire ring. The shape that is meant here is something that looks rather square. If that is so, princess cut is the one. Other than this, there are some alternatives that can be chosen too because of the fact that the shape is rather square as well. These alternatives are asscher and emerald sapphire cuts. For all of these shapes or cuts, the type of setting that should be chosen is actually quite the same with the one explained previously that actually also have a quite high level of elegant look.

mens titanium sapphire ring for Wedding