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Mens turquoise rings jewelry for men never go out of fashion . It ‘ still fashionable today as it was when it was worn by the Aztec king . Turquoise also has a little ‘ cowboy touch to it. Her blue sky reminiscent of the Wild West. The veins of copper and gold running over stones reminiscent of the gold rush in California. Indigenous Indians in the southern United States, Mexico and South America also increased natural turquoise beads .

Turquoise is the stone of a shaman . This gem is for the man who likes to take risks and a bit ‘ of a spiritual edge . Turquoise jewelry is a great gift to give to the contractor or self-made man who needs something special for his birthday.

Mens turquoise rings size 13In addition , the blue sky of Mens turquoise rings seem to never go out of fashion . It goes well with most colors, including brown , taupe , olive green , and blue , of course. Wear with a turquoise dress or a black shirt is the hallmark of an urban shaman , a person who is in touch with his spirit guide . Turquoise stone can also improve the color of a man with blue eyes .

Mens turquoise rings size 14Hundreds of cultures , Mens turquoise rings has been celebrated as a sacred stone and a good luck charm . The oldest evidence of turquoise jewelry for men is actually located in the Egyptian royal tombs dating back to 3000 BC In ancient Egypt men wore turquoise beads around the neck to ward off a violent death. In Persia , turquoise was considered a powerful protective stone . The stone was often placed directly in the center of a turban to ward off the evil eye.

An old wives tale is that if a turquoise stone changes color , it is a warning that you are going to die soon. If you are wearing a turquoise and changes color , it is more likely that the stone reacts with the sweat of your skin , cosmetics or cleaning or has been bleached from too much exposure to ultraviolet light. Many turquoise stones are polished to prevent them from being vulnerable to chemical changes in their color.

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