Michael kors rose gold watch


I wore the Michael kors rose gold watch for about a year and I thought it was the perfect time to share my views on this timepiece in the form of a brief review . This beautiful ceramic watch of the house of the designer Michael Kors is one of their most popular watches and premiums. This looks really elegant and perfect rose gold color, one that is not too bright and flashy looking . The watch is equipped with three internal sub-dials with a small display of the relevant date as well and all these elements combined add global appeal .

Some reasons why you should really consider buying Michael Kors rose gold watch are listed below :

He is a celebrity clock

michael kors rose gold watch macysThis Michael kors rose gold watch one of the watches on their premiums and is supported by many celebrities. In fact, every time I go to wear this watch , people always shower me with compliments , saying it looks like a famous clock.

In the past year , I must have received over a thousand compliments because of this watch and it is on the conservative side . This watch is really a compliment magnet .

A watch with a look to die for!

michael kors rose gold watch blue faceThe best part I liked Michael kors rose gold watch is not very over-sized so it is a perfect fit for ladies of all sizes. And the eyes of those very expensive diamond watches and it is very profitable .

Even if I have the most expensive watches this , but Michael Kors is as glamorous as my others. In fact , it is now one of my favorite watches of all time .

It works perfectly with all the dresses

Many people often complain that some watches look good when worn only with a certain type of dress, but not that! Michael Kors Rose Gold watch works beautifully with all types of dresses and clothes and is really a watch for all occasions.

Michael kors rose gold watch review