Mint bubble necklace


Mint bubble necklace is something that is always considered as casual fashion accessories because of the fact that usually this kind of necklace is made from non-precious materials even of the quality of the materials are often great also. The question then is: is this necklace really always something casual? Cannot it be something precious that is also suitable to be worn in formal or semi-formal fashion style? Thankfully, the answer of those questions is great enough to hear. It is that the necklace can actually be worn also in formal and semi-formal fashion style because it can also be made from something precious like gold.

mint green bubble necklace on EtsyGold material that is used in mint bubble necklace is of course not located in the bubble beads which are the main decorations of the necklace. Instead, it is located the settings used to hold the beads on their positions and also the chain of the necklace. Even the amount of gold in the necklace may not be as much as the amount of material of the bubble beads, since it is gold and still it makes the necklace to be something and precious. Of course, it is also the one that makes the difference of price between the necklace that is made with non-precious materials and also the necklace that we are talking about her to be quite far.

mint bubble necklace ImagesIf being asked about the type of gold that is often used in the creation of mint bubble necklace or any other necklaces in the same type, it can be said that yellow gold material is the most popular precious metal chosen. The main reason why this precious material is the one that is chosen more in the production of bubble necklace is the fact that the golden color of it can really match any color of the bubble beads perfectly. Other than that, the gold color also makes the necklace to look more classical and, of course, luxurious. So, if you have some more cash, it seems that the precious bubble necklace is the one that you can really consider since it will function not only as a fashion accessory but also as a form of investment.

mint green bubble necklace