Modern engagement rings for women


When choosing an engagement ring, you want to pick a style that best matches her personality and fashion sensibilities. Perfect for the contemporary couple, modern engagement rings offer a fresh spin on the tradition of engagement. Modern engagement rings are characterized by sleek, minimalist designs. To create a modern ring you will love, choose a setting that will enhance your personal style and then select a flattering cut, such as a Round or Princess, and finish with her preferred metal. Many brides looking for modern rings tend to favor a neutral look such as white gold.

modern engagement rings ruby

Here we will discuss modern engagement rings that are a unique shape and not yet widely known. The first is 24K Gold Plated Ruby Sterling Silver Square Ring Minimal Modern Engagement Fine Jewelry. A handmade gold plated sterling silver square band and a floating bezel which nests a real perfect clarity little ruby gemstone. The light passes through the stone and although the size is quite small, it is really impressive band! This can be a modern engagement ring, or just a modern everyday jewelry.

modern engagement rings wide band

The next modern engagement rings is modern yellow sapphire wedding band with white sapphire. It’s wide band ring model. This stunning ring was designed in collaboration with a local art teacher and local architect. The aesthetic is at once architectural and ethereal.The gorgeous yellow of the large sapphire almost glows while the smaller white sapphire, subtly lumionous, seems to want to orbit it. This ring is great for men and women and makes a stunning statement piece or a beautiful alternative engagement or wedding band. It can also a unique, personalized anniversary or birthday gift.

modern engagement rings aquamarine

And the last modern engagement rings is aquamarine engagement ring. It is a perfect engagement and wedding band, and also the perfect gift. The ring with the blue aquamarine make it looks simple but elegant, unique and different. One of a kind. a 4.5mm aquamarine, the March birthstone has been setted into the center of this handmade sterling silver ring setting then gave it a beautiful and shiny finish. A petite modern twist on a classic engagement band.

modern engagement rings design