New trends in wedding rings 2013


Are you a couple who want to get married this year? You definitely do not want to feel outdated using wedding rings that are outdated. Therefore I would allocates several options on new trends in wedding rings.

New trends in wedding rings latest

Firstly first, the New Trends in Wedding Rings is Lots of Color

Canary yellow diamonds, blue and pink sapphires, even rare light pink diamonds are appearing on fourth fingers everywhere. Color can go modern (opt for a tension setting), classic (with a four-prong setting), or vintage (a filigreed setting). Whether you choose your favorite color or your birthstone, a colored stone is a great way to make a stylish statement. The color trend isn’t just in the gems , it extends to the metals of the engagement ring itself. The first big trend expected for 2013 is the transition back to yellow gold. For years now white gold and platinum have dominated both the engagement ring and the wedding ring scenes, but already the move back to traditional yellow has been slowly gaining popularity. The precious metal is expected to gain more popularity than ever since the reign of white gold began. The rich color will be a welcome sight and will stand out considerably.

New trends in wedding rings unique

Second, the New Trends in Wedding Rings is the unique design.

Brides are now shifting away from traditional round-cut diamonds in favor of eye-catching shapes like marquise-, pear-, cushion-, and emerald-cut diamonds.A double halo look—two tiers of smaller diamonds—is also getting more popular. It gives the appearance of a bigger stone for a (sometimes) smaller price.Beyond the seemingly endless array of solitaire designs is a wedding ring style that’s very trendy, very different, yet still perfectly elegant. Eternity (or half-eternity) bands stack up scads of small stones. Choose a trio in different colors of gold for the loveliest look.

New trends in wedding rings 2013

Bigger Is Better. Jewelers are also receiving more requests for super-sized diamonds thanks to the huge rocks celebs like Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie are wearing. Got a guy on a budget? A smaller rock with better quality color and clarity will sparkle more than a massive (yet affordable) one with more flaws.