Nixon gold watch


Nixon watch company has created a brand that I think stand out from the pack. Nixon gold watch are nervous , new and retro at the same time . I would say this is one of my favorite watch brands . Their watch models are inspiring .

Their method of inspiration is unique and interesting. Nixon uses action sports stars to help them find new designs. For example , focus on a surf pros take what they need in a watch and combining it with some great designs that create beautiful watches.

nixon gold watch priceNot only do they use action sports stars have come out with themes. Design around these themes have come out with new designs innovative pieces. A Nixon gold watch that caught my attention was what they call ” The Dork ” . Do you remember the kid lost at school with ” Timex calculator , polo shirts and pants tucked into high water ? Nixon took this concept and made ??cool. ” Dork ” has a long rectangular housing with metal finish on top. The merits of the case is matte black holes and used to simulate the calculator. ” Dork ” comes with a strap in brown or black leather. I love you ” Dork ” .

Another of my favorite Nixon watches is ” The Murf ” . It has a great retro feel , but Nixon has done an incredible job to update the look that makes it suitable for our time. ” The Murf ” has a square case . The top of the clock has a wood inlay in a convenient location . The back of the watch dial using a great retro look to keep time . ” The Murf ” comes with a metal band.

nixon gold watch for menIf you want a Nixon gold watch that not everyone has , and a clock that allows you to express who you are, I highly recommend you take a look at Nixon watches. I love what they do with their watches. I think the unique approach to watch design is what separates them from the pack.

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