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It is so common for women in general to have so many collections of necklaces in their jewelry box. Without any doubt, pearl necklace would be always one of so many types of jewelry adored and favored by the ladies to accompany them to go to some occasions, either formal or non formal ones. However, instead of regular pearl necklace with multiple pearls filling the cord, maybe they can consider to get a one pearl necklace as an alternative for them to wear.

simple one pearl necklaceOne pearl necklace can make a significant difference when someone wears it. Common pearl necklace seems to not having its center of attraction since similar shape and color of pearls just lay around your neck or chest. With more distinctive one, you can just order or assemble yourself one pearl of your choice within the chain and what you can get is a simple yet charming necklace. As a matter of fact, just replace the chain with silver or golden one with distinctive contour and the simplicity as well as the charm will go beyond your thought, especially when you are already used to necklace with pearls all around. Single pearl hanging under your chin will not attract others’ attention as great as regular pearl necklace does but when they notice it, they can value the beauty and glamour of it appreciably.

one pearl necklace on leather cordSome people might also think that pearls forming a curve around your collar bone will make you look as if you are wearing prayer beads, especially when you are not aware that the pearl necklace you are wearing is not the one that suits your body size. It feels so ridiculous when what you and people think do not share the same idea of the beauty of jewelry you wear. Then again, you can always avoid such mismatch because a one pearl necklace will not disappoint you in any way when you decide to wear this kind of jewelry. Intrigued to have one of your own? You can start ordering one from your favorite jewelry store or maybe you can take one pearl from one of your necklace collections and get it customized.

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