Oval diamond engagement rings for active ladies


Oval cut engagement rings are in general believed to be for those who neither want traditional round diamond engagement rings nor too fancy marquise diamond engagement rings. But, I just don’t agree with this perception. Oval shaped stone has its own beauty and one must choose oval cut diamond engagement ring for its charm. It shouldn’t be that, you are not able to decide on any other solitaire engagement ring, so ended up choosing oval cut engagement ring.Due to its elongated shape, oval diamond engagement rings creates an illusion of bigger stone than its actual carat weight. So, you can have an expensive looking engagement ring at a lesser price.

ovale diamond engagement rings halo

If you have small fingers and wonder which diamond engagement ring will suite you best, then you can definitely have a look into oval cut engagement rings. This will blend beautifully by giving slender look to your fingers. If your daily activity involves heavy work, oval diamond engagement rings will be the best option. As you know it doesn’t have pointed and sharp corners, you can wear it daily without worrying about your beautiful engagement ring getting chipped or damaged. Oval is very versatile and you can design your own engagement ring by mounting the stone in setting of your choice. Oval cut engagement rings can be mounted into many settings, and thus you can create your own handmade unique engagement ring. Prong setting and bezel setting looks particularly good on oval shaped stone.

ovale diamond engagement rings active

Oval diamonds engagement rings look beautiful in a variety of settings, but a few truly stand out. Fancy halo diamond rings make oval diamonds look extraordinary. A stunning halo of pavé-set accent gems makes the center stone appear much larger. If you want to make it even more spectacular, look for an oval halo setting that features a split shank diamond band. If you really want to think outside the box, consider setting your oval cut diamond sideways so that the length is parallel to the band. However, if you want all of the focus to be on your elegant oval diamond, choose a simple, clean solitaire setting with a slim band.