Oval diamond ring with platinum for formal occasions


Oval diamond and platinum. Very perfect combination. We will discuss several rings with that criteria. Our first oval diamond ring on the list is the huge estate oval diamond ring.This RING is BREATHTAKING! It is an ESTATE from the Vintage Engagement Collection. Vintage CIRCA 1960s OVAL 5.02CT Center in K-L color, SI2 clarity (eye clear), the measurements are 13.56×9.30×5.84 mm- HUGE! It is accented with 6 brilliant side Diamonds in matching quality, estimated weight of the side diamonds is 0.60CT. Nice side view with the gallery, diamonds coming up to the center, making the OVAL look even larger! Finger size 6 1/4 easy to re-size, Platinum (stamped). This Ring is excellent. Center diamond is very excellent with sparkling white effect that will make you like a princess.

oval diamond ring designs

Oval diamond ring is also suitable for Engagement Ring. Moissanite, Diamonds and Platinum is the perfect combination! At Serenade Diamonds we fuel our skills with passion to create the most beautiful and breathtaking pieces of jewelry. We promise that your Engagement Ring will stand out everywhere you go, a piece of art that sparkles from across the room even by candlelight. The craftsmanship and materials are top notch. The brilliance in the diamonds that we work with is just matchless and the type of Moissanite that we use is called The FOREVER BRILLIANT. They are so much whiter, so its sparkle is noticeably brighter than the conventional one.

oval diamond ring settings

The last on our list is Green tourmaline oval diamond ring. This engagement ring has breathtaking oval cut Deep Green Tourmaline in crown setting and Diamonds on the band that add luminous sparkle to the ring. The Tourmaline measures 8.00×6.00mm. The ring has 12pcs of 0.01ct H-Vs Diamonds on the band. This ring is made from fine quality 14k Palladium white gold and the ring’s band is 2.60mm wide, so the band compliments the Tourmaline gorgeously.  This ring use Palladium white gold alloy, because it is 100% nickel free. The white gold alloy that this ring uses has beautiful light color without any hints of yellowish tone, so the rings doesn’t need to be rhodium plated. As the ring’s are not plated with rhodium, they will stay even colored even if it get’s scratched, so the ring will stay gorgeous in everyday use for years to come.

oval diamond ring with halo

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