Oval engagement rings with celebrity inspirations


When talking about oval engagement rings, it is always interesting to talk about also the ones belong to the world’s famous celebrity. It is something even more interesting for all of us because actually their rings are also suitable to be used as sources of inspirations when we are looking the best design of engagement rings. Based on this fact, you have to know that there are some celebrity’s engagement rings considered to be the best this year even if they actually got it a long time ago. The beauty of these rings is still a talk at this point of time. It is so reasonable then if the rings are used as inspirations. Moreover, a huge numbers of replicas of the rings are also available too in order to fulfill the desire of a lot of people to have the similar rings.

oval engagement rings on fingerThe first best example of celebrity’s oval engagement rings is Katie Holmes’ that was given by Tom Cruise who is now her ex-husband after their first date. Even their marriage does not really end well, still this ring is something that all of us cannot just forget. Her ring is decorated with clear oval diamond. The solitaire center diamond is adorned with small diamonds that look like the outer list of the ova diamond. The simple yet pretty design of this ring seems to be the one that makes it special. Therefore, more and more women want to have the same engagement rings as hers.

oval engagement rings jaredOther than Katie Holmes’, there still one more example of oval engagement rings that also has certain value of inspiration. The ring belongs to a woman that is now a member of royal family, Kate Middleton. Instead of diamond, the center stone of this ring is deep blue sapphire. This make the ring to be quite exceptional while there are so many celebrities choose clear white diamonds as the stones of their engagement rings. This design is not actually the one that is chosen surprisingly by his husband because this is in fact his mother’s engagement ring. It means that the ring is in fact something with history inside.

oval engagement rings yellow gold