Oxidized silver bracelet


Oxidized silver bracelet

The collection is getting famous among metro-sexual men. It materializes the contrast as it merges textures and imperfections of the Oxidized Silver Bracelet with refined geometric shapes found in the city of Palermo. The Silver Bracelet can be used as a lone bracelet, or can look attractive as well with a mix of other bracelet. It adds an aura to your look and an edge you need, if you dress too casual and you are looking to make yourself unique in a party or a social gathering.

silver bracelet


The Oxidized silver bracelet is Designed and Handmade in the United Kingdom.  It has a cool temperature and is made of oxidized silver.  It is made to add more texture and edge to your wardrobe.  The Silver Bracelet comes only in one size but has an adjustable lock.  It weighs 35.4 grams and can be worn at many occasions, including trekking, sight seeing, as well as during Dinner. Choosing the color of dress will be important if you are wearing this bracelet as it is a dark color. It would suit more with a Black blazer or a Black Dress shirt.  So if you are interested in wearing a bracelet and you are looking for a unique style, that suits your personality, this could be the real deal and the perfect silver bracelet for you.


Oxidized Silver Bracelet