Pandora bracelet charms for special events


Pandora jewelry is inspired by hope. In Greek mythology, the god Zeus wished to take revenge upon Prometheus, who had stolen fire and delivered it to humans. Pandora was created, and she was given a box by Zeus, which he forbade her from opening. As planned, she was unable to resist the temptation in her hands. When the box was opened, the troubles which had been placed in it were unleashed into the world to torment mankind. By the time she closed the box, Pandora managed to save only one thing – hope. Every pandora bracelet charms are created with a combination of charms, spacers and clips. Each of three sections contains a combination of these elements, which screw onto the bracelet. Two clips hold the charms and spacers in place.

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Skilled artisans design beautiful Pandora charms to not only represent hope, but the modern woman. Women love wearing pandora bracelets charms because they are unique and inspiring. Each bracelet tells its own story and symbolizes the dreams and memories of the person wearing it. With the freedom to design your own bracelet and arrange charms and beads as you please, Pandora offers everyone the opportunity to create their own meaning and history in each bead. Every time you add a Pandora bead charm to your bracelet using Pandora’s patented threading system, you add a piece of your own history.

pandora bracelet charms

Some choose to make multiple pandora bracelet charms to represent different parts of their life journey. Perhaps you have a bracelet to represent your children or grandchildren, one to symbolize your marriage, and a Pandora bracelet that uses charms to mark your favorite hobbies or interests. The possibilities within the Pandora universe of jewelry are practically limitless. The large selection of Pandora charms and beads available make it easy to create a bracelet that tells your story. From sports charms to animal beads, you are sure to put together a jewelry piece that represents you.

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The basis behind the Pandora bracelet is simple. You choose individual beads and charms that you like and that fit your personality and join them together on a ropelike bracelet to form one cohesive piece of jewelry. Choose beads with meaning. Everyone has special moments in their life. If can be the birth of a child, a funny inside joke, or the love they have with a family member. You can find a bead that fits just about any situation.

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