Pandora style beads for your custom jewelry


Pandora is more than the name of a legendary figure with an infamous box. It is also the name of a unique jewelry that is available at fine stores across North America. According to Greek mythology, Pandora was a woman who was created by the Greek God Hephaestus. Pandora was sent to earth with a box and when she opened it, all the evils of the world escaped. Only the virtues of hope and opportunity remained. We hope you’ll Enjoy the Selection of Pandora Style Beads, Large-Holed Designer Beads. European Style large hole beads are all the rage! Personalize your bracelet by attaching your own charms to the large hole beads with loops (large hole slider bails). Short and long spacer beads in a variety of patterns available. Beautiful glass beads and gemstone beads with metal cores. Gold plated beads for that luxurious two-toned color scheme. Bright enamel beads for a pop of color. These beads will fit one or more of the following European style bracelets: Pandora, Biagi, Chamilia, and Troll.

Pandora Style Beads

Over the last few years Pandora style bracelets have become very popular, that being said there are a lot of people Pandora Gold Beads who really don’t know what they are. While it would not be fair to give them all of the credit for the massive increase in popularity in charm bracelets over the last few years there is no getting around the fact that they are a major contributor. They offer a lot of advantages over the way that things were done in the past. Pandora style beads are simply beads that you can put on and remove from a bracelet very easily. A company in Denmark came to the realization that there were a lot of people who were interested in making charm bracelets.

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They also realized that there was a market for a product that would make it easier. They therefore designed a bracelet that was attached at the ends by screws rather and being crimped like most others were. This not only made it easier to get the beads on it also meant that beads could be taken off easily. With traditional charm bracelets when you have finished assembly changing the beads is not really practical. With Pandora style beads however the bracelet can be unscrewed and the beads slid off and new ones put on. This means that with adequate supply of beads you can come up with a huge variety of looks.

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