Paracord bracelet patterns: cobra stich pattern as the most popular one for you to try creating


When talking about paracord bracelet patterns, there are actually quite a lot of patterns that can be used to create the bracelet. Even so, it can be said that there is only one pattern that is most popular among any others. The pattern that is meant here is called as the cobra stitch pattern. Other than this name, this pattern is also known in some other names, including; snake pattern, Solomon bar pattern, and also Portuguese Sennet knot pattern.

paracord bracelet patterns namesThe popularity of this pattern compared to other paracord bracelet patterns is better because of some reasons. It seems that the major reason is because this pattern does not only look unique and even stylish but also quite simple to create even for those who are beginners in making paracord bracelet.That is why from time to time this pattern gets even more and more popular especially for those who are in love quite much in doing outdoor activities. One thing that you have to know is that paracord bracelet that is made in this pattern or any other patterns functions more than just a casual-looking accessory. Instead, it can be functioned also as a survival kit that can definitely be used, especially in some types of emergency situation. The simplest example of the situation is when you are outside and your shoelace is broken, you can untie the bracelets and use the paracord as a temporary replacement of your shoelace until you are able to get a new one.

paracord bracelet patterns etsyOther interesting thing that you have to know about this cobra stitch pattern, which cannot be found in any other paracord bracelet patterns, is that this can in fact be made into a super cobra pattern or king cobra pattern that will make the bracelet bigger and, of course, the paracord, longer. The way to make it is by adding another cobra stitch pattern on the already-made cobra stitch bracelet. For this kind of pattern, you have to know that the bracelet may be a bit oversized. If you do not really want it, you can just choose paracord with smaller diameter so that super cobra stitch pattern can be created without making the bracelet looks too big.

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