Pear shaped diamond ring


Pear shaped diamond ring is a jewelry that is actually more suitable to be included in the category of modern jewelry. Do you know about why this can be said to be so? It is no other else but because of the use of pear cut diamond stone in this ring, which is in fact so perfect to be called as hybrid diamond cut. It is a hybrid because it is formed from the combination of two different diamond cuts, which are round cut and also marquise cut. Obviously, this is the very prominent interesting thing that you can find in the ring decorated sweetly with a pear diamond center stone.

pear shaped diamond ring designsOther interesting fact that you have to know also from pear shaped diamond ring is that the diamond decorating this ring is often mistakenly thought as a symbol of sadness because pear shape is also the shape of a teardrop. This is said to be mistaken because actually the teardrop shape that pear diamond has is actually considered more as the teardrop of joy and happiness. This is the fact that many people do not know about and it is also the fact that makes diamond rings that are decorated with pear shape diamonds to be another perfect choice to consider for engagement or even wedding.

pear shaped diamond ring in platinumThe last but not least interesting thing that people often talk about pear shaped diamond ring is related how they should wear the ring. Many people get confused about wearing the ring with the pear cut diamond pointing to their fingers or their wrists. The real fact that you have to know is that there is no culture or rules about how to wear this kind of ring rightly. Moreover, you have to know that there is no meaning shown from the way people wear this ring. One thing true is that a way of wearing this ring will create a visual effect that their fingers are more slender than these actually are. The way that is meant here is by wearing the ring with the pear diamond pointing toward the fingernails. If you want to know about whether or not it is right, you can try it on your own at home.

pear shaped diamond ring yellow gold

pear shaped diamond ring halo setting

pear shaped diamond ring on Hand

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