Pearl necklace meaning


The beads are in vogue with their sharp luster, impeccable form and delicate surface. It is a glorious way to let your personality shine . The piece representative of pearl jewelry is , of course, the pearl necklace . Pearl necklace meaning are the most traditional type of pearl used in necklaces, but freshwater pearls , Tahitian black pearls and large South Sea pearls are also used, often because of dizziness. Akoya pearls , of course, the traditional colors are white , silver, or cream , while Tahitian pearls and South Sea pearl necklaces products ranging from bright white to darker shades . Freshwater pearls can be white or pastel color, and are generally less expensive than saltwater.

Pearl necklace meaning urban Pearl necklace meaning are available in a variety of styles, Bib consists of several strands of beads of different lengths . Collar or dog collar is made ??up of several strands of pearls worn high on the neck . Very popular in Victorian times , and make a bit of a comeback now , they are 12-13 cm long.

Neck: Like a necklace, but is worn slightly ” lower on the neck is long and 14-16 cm.

Princess : Basically the length of the “classic” for a pearl necklace, which is located just below the neck. A versatile necklace that can be worn with many different styles of neck and 17-19 cm long.

Morning : Traditionally worn for special occasions semi – formal , it works well with suits and dresses , and 20-24 cm long.

Work : usually worn on formal occasions with evening dresses. Pearls should fall below the bust line . To be worn during the day, in less formal contexts , the yarn can be doubled over . The opera necklace is 30-36 cm long.

String: This is the longest of all styles of pearl necklace . It can also be doubled and knotted . Some rope necklaces have more clips, which allow it to be divided into short strands . Rope necklaces are more than 36 cm.

Size matching is the key to a perfect pearl necklace

pearl necklace meaning CheapThe Pearl necklace meaning used in a collar may be all the same size , or they may be graduated , with a large bead in the center and smaller beads always reverse to each side of the zipper . Whatever style you choose, a good adaptation of the beads is important, both for aesthetic reasons and for maximum value.

Traditional guidelines for choosing a pearl necklace

pearl necklace meaning wikipediaThe size of the pearls of the necklace , while ultimately a matter of personal taste , it is also a theme of tradition. Traditionally, certain sizes of Pearl necklace meaning are considered appropriate for women of different ages, and bead size is also considered an indicator of the wealth of the user and social status.